Strategies for competitiveness & sustainability - Always on Talent Acquisition

The reality for many businesses is that there are forces and principles impacting on the business daily and over time – these include, but are not limited to:

Growth Increases in headcount to support organic growth and scaling up of business  
Change New and different skills and capabilities to support changing landscape and opportunities/challenges
Ageing workforce and retirement Continuity and knowledge sharing is critical to business sustainability
Attrition Mitigating the effects of leavers – research suggests that employee loyalty is diminishing and competitors for talent are more predatory and aggressive
Underperformers Securing the best return on investment is an enduring and necessary business principle – 100% contribution from all
Succession Enabling the advancement of high performing team members by having a effective talent management plan
A need to improve profile and awareness Raising the profile of your business and sector is key to competing for existing and emerging talent
We specialise in the creation of Talent Pipeline and Talent Communities – recruiting engaged, interested and aware candidates – putting our clients in control 
Why in-house recruitment is fast becoming the go to model for businesses looking for edge
  • Significant and sustainable savings via gain share joint venture model
  • Exclusivity on high quality candidates – in your talent pool NOT a recruiters talent pool
  • A strategies to support and enable your business growth
  • Improved stability
  • Transparency, control and improved ownership
  • Flexibility and sustainability
  • Scalable and agile
  • Better candidate engagement – more and higher calibre applicants
  • Economies of scale – better return on investment
  • Integration into own systems and technologies